If you want to orchestrate and scale containers you get in touch with Kubernetes someday. Kubernetes allows you to run complex architectures in a reliable and reproducible manner. For almost all problems you can choose between different solutions in the ecosystem.


Technology should not make our lives harder. Choosing a specific technology should not change the way you do something very basic so drastically that it’s harder to use, as opposed to easier to use. That’s the whole point of technology. — Chris Short

This guide describes a CI/CD workflow for…

Event-sourcing is gold. That’s true in many ways but it also costs me a lot of headaches to get on the right road. If you don’t know what Event-Sourcing is here is a brief introduction:

With Event-Sourcing we want to make our system 100% deterministic, this means that all business-relevant…

Dustin Deus

Fullstack Engineer specialized in Web and Distributed Systems. Cloud-Native Applications | DevOps | CI-CD | Test Automation

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